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The fragolina story

In the last grade of highschool, the philosophy teacher told us a challeging Zen story. One day, a upset after a long day man, quiet walks through the forest until a noise attracted attention and he looked away. There was little surprise when behind he was a … lion. The man began to run, to…

How are they doing shopping

At Dominique’s asking, I decided to make a special tag with english posts.  If It depends what time is. If you did not know, I will put in touch with the program stores in Italy, to have time to change your mind before you come here or to change your style of shopping. It’s not like in Romania or Poland you need bread, an olive, you run at small shop opposite your house. No. If it’s Sunday evening after 9 or if it’s between 13 and 17, everything is closed and you need  to wait because don’t have nothing else to…