How are they doing shopping

At Dominique’s asking, I decided to make a special tag with english posts. 

 If It depends what time is. If you did not know, I will put in touch with the program stores in Italy, to have time to change your mind before you come here or to change your style of shopping. It’s not like in Romania or Poland you need bread, an olive, you run at small shop opposite your house. No. If it’s Sunday evening after 9 or if it’s between 13 and 17, everything is closed and you need  to wait because don’t have nothing else to do, wait until it’s needed. For example now I would eat something sweet, I need some potatoes ready clean, some nutella that I’m going to make pancakes tonight, but have to wait, because everything is closed. In the worst case, no racism, can find a grocery store for blacks but not have what I need me.
Playing with our little imagination, what would you do if Sunday(remind that all supermarkets are closed, no exceptions) you want to make rice milk. And you can not eat without cinnamon, like me. Have already rice, milk, sugar and salt, but do not have cinnamon. Well it’s a problem, but has solution. Enter nice pastry(aka cafeteria like) and ask if they can give you some cinnamon. If you go to and accompanied by two friends, the chances are small you be refuse. Well, last Sunday gave luck over the three princesses and found a fruit still open. Sunday. Rice with cinnamon and lemon.How‘s that?
But what would you do if, in the evening, after a hard course of Italian, get home at 9:15 and you want something sweet, and the first thought is to some pancakes. But you do not have nutella.Still trying to shops, but without success. I’ll tell you: you go to a pizzeria and ask nicely a little yeast to make some donuts!

P.S. Buon appetito and attention to calories!

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