The fragolina story

In the last grade of highschool, the philosophy teacher told us a challeging Zen story.

One day, a upset after a long day man, quiet walks through the forest until a noise attracted attention and he looked away. There was little surprise when behind he was a … lion. The man began to run, to run for saveing his life, until it reaches the end of a precipice. Looking back, saw the lion approaching quickly, so he choosed to go down on the rock. When he get close to the ground, looked down and what to see … another lion. Top fierce animal, fierce animal down. Standing a moment to think, sees in front of his eyes, a strawberry (fragile) little,little, but red and good looking. Not standing on thoughts, taste it, exclaiming: “What a wonderful taste.”

The first lion is past, that follows you, and the second represent the future that awaits you. Strawberry is the present with its great taste.

P.S. Carpe diem!

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